I am a Writer who loves Storytelling and research. A Graphic and Website Designer and an Entrepreneur.

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Our services includes top notch results that are tremendously achieved from rightly application of the formula involved. We vend Data Subscriptions, TV Cable subscriptions, Prepaid meter recharge, Graphic Design and Website Design.

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They say broken brush can not paint.They say shattered glass are useless. They say broken dreams cannot be amended. But, For how Long, Lord. For how Long will I continue to remain like this, be like this, live like this or should i die like this? Lord, where are you? A while ago I was […]

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Why Books?

Some people kind of have this attitude of no regard for books. Most especially books that can impact their lives. It is not debated that ignorance lives with someone who appreciates it’s relevance. A scholar said rightly that to be ignorant is to be dead: locking yourself away from the rich life literacy and information […]

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Has it ever happened to you?I doubt you will understand how it feels. I was happy when you came aroundAlas I can express my emotions and feelings easily without building a sky scraper of words to do that. It was wonderful, you know. To have the feeling of someone’s feelings through the web. It was […]

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Happy Easter

He’s Risen! The Resurrection and the Life The only way to the Almighty Father The Fountain of Life The Bread of Life Jesus, The King, The Lord He’s risen! Hallelujah! Happy Easter! Thanks to @BrunovdKraan for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁

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