Love is a beautiful thing when shared.

St. Paul gave a vivid example of it’s beauty when shared.

He says:

Love is patient and kind; it is not jealous or conceited or proud; love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable; love does not keep a record of wrongs; love is not happy with evil, but is happy with the truth. Love never gives up; and its faith, hope, and patience never fail.  Love is eternal. (1 Corinthians 13:4‭-‬8 GNB)

From the above you can notice that their are other parties that makes this love worthy of being called what it is.

Those parties when involved is what makes Love beautiful.

Take for an instance on the scenario of God Loving man that He gave up His son for the redemption of man.

That’s a vivid example of the beauty of Love.

The story of St. Valentine defines this too to be a beautiful thing to share Love.

Also, your mom and dad is an example that Love is beautiful when shared; you reading this is a result of that beautiful love shared.

Love is beautiful when shared…

Sharing is synonymous to giving.

So, we can say that Love is beautiful when we give.

By giving you commit your compassion to the well being of the receiver.

What can you give?

What you have: Wisdom, Knowledge, Material possession, Goodness, Kindness, Love and anything worth giving.

Giving to someone is like taking the responsibility of caring for the need at hand.

Therefore, we can say that Love is responsibility.

Sharing is caring.

There is love in sharing.

Love is beautiful when shared.



Mr John has been a very lonely man from the beginning of his life. Literally, he doesn’t get along with people because he doesn’t know how to begin and end conversations. He is an introvert.

Life taught him a lot of lessons and one of them is being a drop out of school with the reason being that his parents died in an accident while he was just four. His uncle who took him in was not that stable with his business having that he is a drunkard and womanizer.

Things began to fall apart when his aunty accused John of manhandling her children and also stealing from her because he stays with her in the shop. He ran away at age twelve to fend for himself since everyone saw him as one evil bad luck that happened to humanity. First, his parents and now his uncle’s wife, who will be next? Everyone feared.


In this land foreign to him, he decided to push barrow. At least that could help him keep body and soul together. He began and used it to push himself through highschool but wasn’t able to write the West African Examination (WAE) because he didn’t pay for the exam. He found it hard to talk and so he kept to himself for fear of being misunderstood and insulted. His life went from one bad luck to another and he decided to manage it that way since no body wanted him around.

On a good sunny day he helped a beautiful, tall and figurative lady to wheel barrow her things to the motor park. Unfortunately for him, the tyre was flattened by a sharp object and almost the luggage fell into a pothole of dirty water. The Lady was raged. She almost slapped him but he dodged and was pleading like his life depended on it. His life actually depended on it because she might be anybody who could arrest him – so he thought. He has been arrested on numerous occasions for things he knew nothing about. Because he was tired of pleading innocence for his life, he gave up on wanting people to know the truth. He would just relax and be in the cell until the police were tired of him. Hopefully, he wasn’t taken to a prison.

The lady forgave him and called on another barrow pusher to park the luggage. Mr john helped with it and still followed her begging not to be angry. He went ahead and paid for the job done by another to show how pained he was too. He had to wait also for the Lady to board the bus and it had to depart before he could leave there. He valued relationship though almost nobody wanted a relationship with him as a friend, talk more of another level of friendship.

The lady went home and reflected on the event and wondered what manner of personality Mr john was. She is a therapist, so she knows the feeling of someone who was being pushed about by life. She was human too.

The Lady, Neche by name, went back to that market looking for John because she could not concentrate on anything each time the thought came to her. Normally, these barrow pushers would retaliate at any given circumstances of rightful intimidation but this one, she felt , was different; and this made her more curious to know him and perhaps help him out in any possible way she could.


Neche, after weeks of searching, finally found him eating at a kiosk: bread and water – a meal for the day. She approached him and immediately, he jerked off the floor and started pleading again – he thought that she had come back for revenge of some sort. She comforted and relaxed him; took him out to a better restaurant where he had a sumptuous meal.

However, she tried all she could to get him into a conversation but he was too beaten by situations to let his guard down on that. He vowed not to talk to people except they talk to him first – this way, he could abort any mission of failed conversation before hand. This was how bad situations had shaped him.

Neche, a kind heart, hosted him everyday for two weeks trying all possible ways to make him break his silence. Being a therapist, she had encountered a lot of patients similar to his and understood the trauma all along. The third week was favourable as he was the one that began the conversation. Neche was happy. So happy that she hugged and kissed him. And immediately his countenance changed. It was as if cold water was poured down his spine. She acted on her emotions because as the weeks passed by together, they became fond of each other.

Weeks later, people began noticing dramatic change in John’s life. He became very bright. Happy. Full of life. Easily starting up conversations with people. People came closer to him for how jovial he had become and for how full of life he has achieved. The rest, they say, is history.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Neche saw him as a potential good and dream achieving man while others saw him as a bad luck to humanity.

Why we need to associate with people in Life

I’ve seen a lot of people saying that they don’t need other people to survive.

I for once have thought about that too. A time came in my life when I thought that I could do alone. I was frustrated. Literally speaking, I never achieved anything much.

I’m not disputing the fact that we can do things alone. Yes, we can. But think about it. How many research have you done without consulting someone else’s journal or report. How many times have you been able to get things done without being inspired by something or someone.

I could go on and on giving you scenarios where you will depict the fact that you are never an island of knowledge. What you know is a combination of what others knew before you did.

It is, inarguably true, that an individual needs another to excel in any sphere or aspect of life.

Deep thought!

Family. A man needs a woman for recreation.

Schooling. A student needs a teacher for Knowledge.

Greatness. An individual needs a mentor and Idea sparking friends.

Success. An individual needs Tests and Examinations

Deep thought, again!

Name. You need your parents to have a brand; your name.

Death. Something will, kill you. Either Peace of mind or External factors.

Life. You need someone; parents, to give you Life to Live.

Why I need People, most especially the right People.

  1. To Live a fulfilled Life.
  2. To Maximize my Talent.
  3. To Deal with mediocrity.
  4. To Remain Positive.
  5. To Maximize my happiness.
  6. To Grow stronger.
  7. To Keep the Faith Stronger.
  8. To Help each Other.
  9. To spark out ideas.
  10. To Win.
  11. To Be Important.
  12. To make an Impact.
  13. To make a Change.
  14. To be True.
  15. To overcome and conquer.

We become what we become when we associate with People.

Deep thought!

An alphabet needs another alphabet to make a word; an important substance to every speech or language.

You need your parents at the first and second stage of Life.

You need guidance and wisdom, from Others.

You can not produce something without an inspiration from Others. The truth is our destiny is found from our connection to others, to God.

Everything, borne on earth, born on earth and invented on earth and beyond, needs a partner to get to its Destination.

Even the bird needs feathers to fly.

Success needs you to be called success. And you need success to be called a Success.


Thanks to Eddy Billard for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁

Five opportunities that the Lockdown brought right to your door step

Life is not all about opportunities, it is an opportunity in it self. A privilege.

This Lockdown has given us a lot of opportunities to get things right. To step back, examine and strike forward; targeted and precise.

You can check out What you must do to enjoy the lockdown.

Here is what lockdown has given us.

Opportunity to Rekindle

A flame dying off is calling darkness to come along with its veil. But here we are with an opportunity to rekindle our passion for the things we had engaged ourselves in. To rekindle our love for what you are doing. To rekindle our flair for what we are keen to know or do. To rekindle our Love and passion for God.

Opportunity to Relaunch

A lot of times we’ve had ideas worth innovating. We’ve had goals worth achieving and plans worth working upon. But due to some reasons of our schedules, we haven’t been meeting up. Most especially the employees. But here is a chance to relaunch that idea and see how it goes. Just a little touch can settle the scores on your favour.

Opportunity to Reengage your formula

We all have formula to which we operate our board. I have mine; which am currently working on. Nobody’s formula is similar to anyone. Just the way you have individual differences that how your formula is. This is a time to reengage your formula. Your formula is a system of calculated approach towards achieving success in your endeavor.

Opportunity to stabilize

Stability is one of the aspects of our lives that helps us bring forth results. When you are stable, you understand how things are done much better. An unstable mind will always make a mistake. Imagine an unstable hand trying to pass a thread through the eye of a needle. How awful? Well, that’s what instability does to you. This is the time to stabilize your self.

One thing that affects a man’s stability is knowledge. Imagine going to an exam hall without the knowledge of what you are about facing.

Knowledge is power but the application of it is wisdom; that’s where the power is seen.

An opportunity to Love

A Love well expressed is found in giving and sharing what we have with those close and far away from us. Let’s make use of this opportunity to bring back that affectionate feeling that hate or job might have taken away from us. This is the time.

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You fall when you drift without a balance.

You break when you fall on the tender.

You die when you lose your life ; your blood.

Your memories could fade. Yes, they will certainly fade. Racing through time to elude being known again.

How many times have you thought that one day you could die ; sleep off till eternity comes: not seeing the succeeding days: not seeing the life others do see.

When it comes to mind, it breaks the core of ego birthing humility and sobriety.

A life well Lived; beaten and risen, is the life that speaks louder than any theorem.

You see a bird? Call it in your language and have your self be fooled. You see a dog? Call it in your language and have your flesh to suffer.

You cannot meet a persons needs when you don’t speak what he understands. You cannot speak to the dumb and expect him to wave a hand.

One thing goes for another. All things speaks to it self; each to its kind. Heart to heart. Mind to mind. Soul to soul.

You learn a child’s cry about anything when you listen with your cry. Sometimes, he wails, he screams, he rolls, pointing at the object opposite what he needs. You never can tell except you cry, too.

A wife, a blessing to everyman, seeks the worst her husband could give, yet like the blossom of a flower she is stricken by his love, down to earth. Made a carpet, trodden, to be walked upon by the king.

A husband, a sweetened tasty food of a mother, like the curl of her hair, wanting the subjection of the wife; a gory feeling, and yet like the sun, he glitters at her feet; a dish well served feeds the ocean. A meal well eaten, feeds the worms.

A son or a daughter, a fountain of every drop, encompassing the mixture of the wife and the husband; bound to bore, and yet like the galaxies far away the trunk of the tree, like the colonies dug through the mother opening, will find hope in the distant pleasure of the lights found in the parents eye.

We all see, we all look; from the very breath of what we think. Like the moon we shade, like the sun we ray.

Someday, our darkness will be forgotten but our shadow will not be. It will still be seen under the eye of our memory, a latent of every patent we signed.

Truth be told, the eyes that see first looks below. And the eyes that see last looks beyond.

Life is Love; matched soul to soul, word to word. You love you kill. You love you live. You love you die.

Trust me, I know nothing of what I wrote. Judge my hands and not my heart! And just the way you are too perplexed to wonder, be too perplexed not to give up now that you are close to the finishing touch of your start.

But take it or live it, Life is Life no matter what you draw on your canvas, its still Life! Live it.

Ezindu Nwanyi; a poetry of a True Mother.

Beauty, Oh Beauty,
From the bosom of Great Light,
Came forth a magnificent ray,
Shining through the hearts of men,
Radiating a True essence of Love,
Defined in the Living of a Saint.

Wonderful, Oh Wonder,
A Heart beyond Gold,
Spirit of the Father,
Daughter of the Most High,
Highness of Goodness,
Like the Shining Stream of Water falls,
A Rainbow, An infinity of Wonderness.

She is Built to Fill,
With Joy and Strength,
The Hearts of many,
A Life of Legacy, Worth and Prowess,
From the source of Life.

Mother, Oh Mother,
How Wonderful you are,
Awesome, the embodiment of Grace,
Covered in Love and Peace,
May Your Days on Earth be Beautiful and Wonderful.
Amen, Amen, and Amen!

Happy Mother’s Day Ezindu Nwanyi

I Love You!


Life is short

Life is short,
say a little lie,
do a little bad,
commit a little wrong,
eventually, you might make hell.

Who cares?
Actually, no one does
how will they?
when you cared less about your style,
should they be blamed?
what about your will? blame it for not being disciplined.

Life is short?
fake it. why not?
you can bake it, you will have a cake, it won’t be tasty? it will. it’s your wish, who cares? you care!

Life is short?
Don’t be stingy with love,
give it freely, didn’t you get yours free?
Don’t be angry with patience, the harvest maybe slow to come; the bounty cannot be avoided.

Life is short?
Yes, it is! Don’t have Love? meet the man whose crown was thorns. Whose glory was the cross. He is Love!

Life is short?
Don’t want to Love? You are not born of God. Those born of God overcometh the world.

Life is short? How about – eternity is Long?
The part you thread on now determines your destination.

Life is short?
But, there is a way that seems right to a man but the end thereof is death!

Life is short!
Take heed lest you fall. Query your faith and know if you are still running the race which God gave you; Grace – God’s Race.

Thanks to niklas_hamann for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁

To The Strongest Sister; Purity

To The Strongest Sister

You give me Hope,
You inspire me, each time I see you, even in your pain, I’m motivated to keep pushing.

In your pain, your beauty never faded. your heart never wearied. you kept on. you live on. your faith gets stronger by the day. your hope is something else. crazy if I will say.

Your dance steps are unimaginable. who can dance like you.

Your words are still viable. sweet and sensitive. your eyes are radiants of what’s inside you; and that’s God. you show God, you are God, you are God’s own.

To the Strongest sister
Keep being you. keep being strong, faithful and hopeful. the pain will end, you said it, you told me, God told me, God told us too.

Affliction dares not repeat it self the second time. for your sake it will never come around.

you are my bibian, our purity, my chichetam, our God will remember us. I Love you, we love you.

you are the strongest of us all. you are my strongest. your life gives me hope. you are, our hope. and may God, your source, continue to be with you forever! Amen.

Tell God I said hi.