My Thought on ‘why people behave the way they do.’

I Think we do things based on the Level of our Maturity.

Our Relationship.
Our Engagements.
Our Vacation.
Our Profession.

Everything we do is based on the Level of our maturity.

Our Response to peoples sayings.
Our Reaction to peoples actions.

In It, thus maturity entails certain things like ;

Level of Understanding. That is the ability to comprehend and at most reciprocate or react to a given circumstance.

Level of Foresight. The Ability to view in different perspective of what a situation may or may not warrant.

Level of Insight. The utmost ability of accepting an ideal solution to a situation and hence act on it.

Whenever i converse with anybody, i take Cognizance of these factors. Because, i know that human beings as a whole are not the same. There is something called ‘Individual difference’. This has to do with the specific temperament of that individual.

This, however, helps me to tolerate any such behavior. And always being on the safer side, what to expect is not a big deal.

Actually, on the contrary, i accept everything but never allow the irrelevant ones take the room of the relevant ones.

Life is short

Life is short,
say a little lie,
do a little bad,
commit a little wrong,
eventually, you might make hell.

Who cares?
Actually, no one does
how will they?
when you cared less about your style,
should they be blamed?
what about your will? blame it for not being disciplined.

Life is short?
fake it. why not?
you can bake it, you will have a cake, it won’t be tasty? it will. it’s your wish, who cares? you care!

Life is short?
Don’t be stingy with love,
give it freely, didn’t you get yours free?
Don’t be angry with patience, the harvest maybe slow to come; the bounty cannot be avoided.

Life is short?
Yes, it is! Don’t have Love? meet the man whose crown was thorns. Whose glory was the cross. He is Love!

Life is short?
Don’t want to Love? You are not born of God. Those born of God overcometh the world.

Life is short? How about – eternity is Long?
The part you thread on now determines your destination.

Life is short?
But, there is a way that seems right to a man but the end thereof is death!

Life is short!
Take heed lest you fall. Query your faith and know if you are still running the race which God gave you; Grace – God’s Race.

Thanks to niklas_hamann for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁