Mr John has been a very lonely man from the beginning of his life. Literally, he doesn’t get along with people because he doesn’t know how to begin and end conversations. He is an introvert.

Life taught him a lot of lessons and one of them is being a drop out of school with the reason being that his parents died in an accident while he was just four. His uncle who took him in was not that stable with his business having that he is a drunkard and womanizer.

Things began to fall apart when his aunty accused John of manhandling her children and also stealing from her because he stays with her in the shop. He ran away at age twelve to fend for himself since everyone saw him as one evil bad luck that happened to humanity. First, his parents and now his uncle’s wife, who will be next? Everyone feared.


In this land foreign to him, he decided to push barrow. At least that could help him keep body and soul together. He began and used it to push himself through highschool but wasn’t able to write the West African Examination (WAE) because he didn’t pay for the exam. He found it hard to talk and so he kept to himself for fear of being misunderstood and insulted. His life went from one bad luck to another and he decided to manage it that way since no body wanted him around.

On a good sunny day he helped a beautiful, tall and figurative lady to wheel barrow her things to the motor park. Unfortunately for him, the tyre was flattened by a sharp object and almost the luggage fell into a pothole of dirty water. The Lady was raged. She almost slapped him but he dodged and was pleading like his life depended on it. His life actually depended on it because she might be anybody who could arrest him – so he thought. He has been arrested on numerous occasions for things he knew nothing about. Because he was tired of pleading innocence for his life, he gave up on wanting people to know the truth. He would just relax and be in the cell until the police were tired of him. Hopefully, he wasn’t taken to a prison.

The lady forgave him and called on another barrow pusher to park the luggage. Mr john helped with it and still followed her begging not to be angry. He went ahead and paid for the job done by another to show how pained he was too. He had to wait also for the Lady to board the bus and it had to depart before he could leave there. He valued relationship though almost nobody wanted a relationship with him as a friend, talk more of another level of friendship.

The lady went home and reflected on the event and wondered what manner of personality Mr john was. She is a therapist, so she knows the feeling of someone who was being pushed about by life. She was human too.

The Lady, Neche by name, went back to that market looking for John because she could not concentrate on anything each time the thought came to her. Normally, these barrow pushers would retaliate at any given circumstances of rightful intimidation but this one, she felt , was different; and this made her more curious to know him and perhaps help him out in any possible way she could.


Neche, after weeks of searching, finally found him eating at a kiosk: bread and water – a meal for the day. She approached him and immediately, he jerked off the floor and started pleading again – he thought that she had come back for revenge of some sort. She comforted and relaxed him; took him out to a better restaurant where he had a sumptuous meal.

However, she tried all she could to get him into a conversation but he was too beaten by situations to let his guard down on that. He vowed not to talk to people except they talk to him first – this way, he could abort any mission of failed conversation before hand. This was how bad situations had shaped him.

Neche, a kind heart, hosted him everyday for two weeks trying all possible ways to make him break his silence. Being a therapist, she had encountered a lot of patients similar to his and understood the trauma all along. The third week was favourable as he was the one that began the conversation. Neche was happy. So happy that she hugged and kissed him. And immediately his countenance changed. It was as if cold water was poured down his spine. She acted on her emotions because as the weeks passed by together, they became fond of each other.

Weeks later, people began noticing dramatic change in John’s life. He became very bright. Happy. Full of life. Easily starting up conversations with people. People came closer to him for how jovial he had become and for how full of life he has achieved. The rest, they say, is history.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Neche saw him as a potential good and dream achieving man while others saw him as a bad luck to humanity.


Stop being or doing bad to people you meet and engage on.

Because of this, those people you hurt tend to develop this hatred towards helping other people.

This action denies those who genuinely need that kind of help in the future.

Stop causing others pain in various ways.

Because those people that receives those pain stores it up and innocently conclude that all human beings are the same.

This action denies others of the relationship they would have enjoyed from that personality in the future.

This mindset shapes them into the supposedly wicked man or woman.


What you do to somebody comes back in one way or the other to you.

Take a scenario for an instance:

You duped this somebody who willingly lends you some money. It happens that you were the third person that did that to this somebody or may be the fourth or fifth. The somebody has saved up a lot of pain and in anger he resolves never to help anyone again.

Fate came and you found yourself in it’s prison gasping for hope. Your son a very nice personality, better than you, eventually bumps into this somebody that liked your son and would want to invest in him for his project. Your son came home happy and as per parental laws, he came along with this somebody that wants to get parental consent before processing your son’s Visa and all that. On getting there, the sight of you irritated this somebody and you all began to cry.


From the look of things – now – this somebody is really a kind person but there is every tendency that the kindness will dissolve because not everyone has the ability to forgive, forget and reengage. Not everyone has a soft heart of looking away that easily because it might have been in their worst nightmare that you did that harmful act to them.


Dear friend,

TOGETHER makes more sense. You don’t have to draw someone down before you can be able to climb up the ladder of responsibility. You can hang on the personalities apron while you make effort to climb up the same ladder with yet another person cling to you. One of the reason why crime permeates the society is because we are unequal and not contented with what we have. Imagine me having a billion naira and you having a billion naira, how on earth are we going to be cutting into each others business when we have something else to think about and invest our time into. Succeeding alone without helping others succeed in your own little way commands a reputable future of disaster.



Feel free to spread the word. Thank you!


Two candle lived afar from each other. Both burning in their respective seasons and field.

A day came when the spectators of candle A started leaving for candle B.

Candle A kept shining but it got to a point where the progress of candle B distracted it and so, it’s flame started to die off gradually.

(This is where you give into comparison and instead of focusing on your path, you are worried about someone else’s path.)

When candle A looked over to the camp of candle B to see how it is showcasing it’s flame it saw that candle B kept on increasing while it’s flame decreases.

(This is where you start to devalue yourself and then give into envy what you already have.)

One day, it approached the other and asked what is the secret having being that they do the same work but it seems to be the one to outshine.

However, Candle B replied “I am just being a candle that helps people see through my light. I don’t bother if they appreciate me or not. I just want them to see. In essence, I mind my business.”

Surprised at what the candle said, candle A went back and did exactly what Candle B advised and since then, it’s influence has kept on increasing.

Are you worried about what’s happening in someone else’s camp? Though you may be doing the same work and it seems that you are not doing it better.

Well, at that point is when you need to consider going on with what you are doing your own way. With your vision and mission in check.

A candle that flames in the desert is the same candle that flames in the town: all made with almost the same substance and doing their various craft in places where they seem to have found themselves in.

Avoid the voice that says ‘look at him or her is progressing and you are not’. Perish that voice and do your part on the path you were sent on.


When it seems that what you are doing is not yielding results the way others aren’t yielding results, don’t worry. Cross check, Recheck and Reengage.

And mind you, the result others are getting must not be the same with yours or yours the same with theirs. You have a capacity that you are meant to work in and you can’t do more than that. If you do, you will break down.

This is not me placing limitations on you or you placing limitations on yourself. This is facts. There are something’s that others do that you will not be able to do. The day you do it, you breakdown. I’ve witnessed and experienced this.


This is why we learnt division of labour and specialization in economics. People can serve as your source of inspirations but you can’t be exactly like them because you don’t know what they really did to achieve what they achieved. What you saw or was being told is just an introduction to calculus.

(The introductory part of calculus will make you love that aspect of maths. But get into it my dear, you will have to barb your hair. Even as a lady.)

Please, share to as many as possible. Together, let’s destroy this act of lack of fulfilment and contentment towards what we do to make the world a better place. Thank you.


A certain man was owing his master some huge amount of money.

His master, a business mogul, has a lot of properties and estates tagged to his name. He is wealthy.

One day, while going through his credit records, he took notice of a man whom he did business with and for some years now hasn’t paid the remaining balance. Immediately, he dialed the Man’s number to call him to order.

He is influential and to that cause, the man zoomed off in response to the call.

Meanwhile, this man who is in debt is having a hard time. His business is taking a nose dive and he’s almost frustrated with the bills piling up by day.

On getting to the house of the master, he fell on the floor begging, narrated his current ordeal and pleaded for more time to pay up.

“Sir, in the name of the Lord, I beg you. I know I’ve wronged you in this way, please find it in your heart to grant me a chance to pay later. I am currently facing a hard time in my life; how I wish this is a dream, maybe the worst nightmare I could come off immediately. My wife is pregnant, my son’s school fee I have not paide, my mother is ill, my business is dying; I am dying. Sir, please, give me some time, I promise to pay you back with an interest.”

He said this crying with his face on the floor, ashamed of looking at his master.

The master was enveloped with compassion and mercy that he almost shed tears. He has been through this kind of storm and knew exactly what it means to pass through at such a time. He resolved to cancel the debt and he informed the man.

“I’m sincerely sorry for all you are going through. Be strong and you will see yourself come out stronger. I forgive you the debt. Henceforth you are a free man.”

He was so happy. It was as if a burden weighing a tonne was lifted off his shoulder.

On his way home, he met someone who has been owing him quite a few sum of money. About 1/10 of the debt he was recently freed from.

He approached the debtor and began to harass him for owing for so long. That he cannot be owing him for so long while he suffers.

“…pay me now or be arrested…” he said to him.

Immediately, he fell on his knees begging for some time. That he’s also going through a storm.

Well, all his pleading fell on deaf ears. He got him arrested and was jailed.

However, the news circulated the town and the master who forgave him of his dept heard it and was raged. He called him to order and asked why he could do such even after forgiving him such a huge dept.

“I thought you are a better man. That you would go ahead and teach others what I thought you by my simple act. How much is he owing you that you could not forgive him of. Is it that more than the one I forgave you off…”

Before he could reply, the man made a sign to his servants to have him put where he will suffer the pain of lack of forgiveness.

There, the pangs of lack of forgiveness clinched to his soul and in regret, he counted his sorrows.



“…Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us…”

If you don’t forgive, you will not be forgiven.

Compassion is an act you need to grow in. Without it, you can not feel what others are going through.

This story was inspired from the parable our Lord Jesus told concerning the unforgiving servant. (Mathew 18:23-34)