A Message to the Parents – Episode Three

Few weeks ago they had a festival: masquerades came out in their numbers and beautiful colours. This week, on my way to a destination, I saw them: children. The oldest was 8 and the youngest was 4 or a year less, mimicking the masquerades on a ‘some kind’ lonely road. One covered with a blue […]

It is Time

Its time Time to get serious, Time to get matured, Time to accept that ‘Time’ itself is a Factor! Its time Time to embrace change, Time to embrace Responsibilities, Time to embrace that ‘Time’ itself is a Traveller! Its time, Time to seek, Time to Ask, Time to knock on the door because ‘Time’ itself […]

A Message to the Parents – Episode one

Dear Parents, Attention is what your children need not your gifts. If they had wanted the gifts they could have asked for it and if they ask,you will not be able to afford it in the market because it is within you. And the only way you can give them is by showing them the […]