The word ‘Can’ is defined as “being able to do something physically or mentally.” This means that you are permitted to do something that you would want to do now or perhaps in the future.

Human being was designed to be able to do things easily. This configuration was on set from the time a child is born. The evidence is in the way a kid tries out new things willingly during playtime without hesitation and with practice, gets use to it so that it gets to a point where the kid can engage in that recreation with ease.

Our brain is wired to be able to change and accommodate to changes easily. Though it may take days, months or sometimes years to accommodate, it will be able to do anything. But not on its own: we have a part to play generally in the process; controlling our brain and not the other way round.

When God created man, He gave him authority over the earth: all what the earth has to offer. This shows that man, human, has a permission to do anything.

God created us in a way that nothing on this earth possess a threat to our ability. Nothing! Take for an instance a boy with no hand sewing clothes with his legs: a man with no right arm packing sand with his other hand: a man with no ears able to hear sounds with the aid of a device. This is just a little compared to a lot going on in the world of the possibility of man being able to do all things.

When I mean by Man can do all things, the statement may sound incomplete. Rather, I say, Man can do all things he puts his mind to do. Anything!

St Paul in his letter to the Philippians puts it this way: I (we) can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (us). Philippians 4:13

Do you want to be a world renowned Doctor, Therapist, Psychologist, Accountant, Innovator, Change Agent, Entrepreneur, Inventor and all good you dream?

If your answer is YES! Then, you CAN! You have the ABILITY already; so you CAN.

A wise man, Solomon, in his Proverbs says that “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he”. Proverbs 23:7

This statement carefully examined would see a degree of responsibility on the part of anyone who desires to do something – anything. The responsibility on it’s part is to prove that nothing goes to anyone without full acknowledgment of desires that may be.

Do you think? Then, what you think should be of a positive and not negative. Else you won’t be able – You can NOT – to do anything.

However, if you think that you can be a revolutionist, a change agent, a Nation builder and so good of your dream, then you CAN.

The saying of the wise man further supports that the reward for what you think in your heart is your becoming of that which you have thought.


You are NOT a product of your environment!

Hey there, before you start reading, place your hand on your chest and say this: I am not a product of my environment! (X3).

Let’s continue.

While growing up, I had friends who are seemingly notorious at that stage of life. They were, then, fearlessly unstoppable; goes anywhere, tries anything. They were on top of their world then, though, they still are but in a brand new way.

We all grew up in a system where there is every form of societal breakdown and every form of temptation to join the gang.

It wasn’t an easy one to think straight without going through one of the ‘headlined’ thoughts that are rampants; from smoking, ganging, hanging out and the least you can think of.

Thanks to our parents who fought tirelessly in the place of prayer and in the place of discipline. It really pruned us to being a better version of ourselves. This made us the sought after specie of human beings then.

Our dress sense and comportment did inspired a lot of kids then. To think of you are always looked upon each time you move across the street is something then.

Life happened. We all went separate ways. We began to live our lives the way it suits us and to the best of how we understood it. To the best of how we were taught.

Some continued in that pattern of life which their surrounding explained to them as the real deal to living a life while some, as a result of exposure, allowed their minds to be transformed to the a context of living a positive life.

Why am I telling you this?

The main reason why I am telling you this is one thing. Just one thing!

You are not a product of your environment!

Say this to your self on and on.

If you can make a record of it and keep listening to it for a day or two, you will see the magic.

Decide not to be limited by what is going on in your environment. Make that decision now! To break loose and soar with wisdom.

The growth of a seed is seemingly affected by the environment but it will never change to another seedling because of how bad it is. Rather, it fights its way to sun light and blossom to become what it is really made of.

Don’t give in to the excuse of being shaped by your environment. Yes, there is every tendency that you will eventually tip off but there is every sure way to shoot out of that area and blossom to the direction of the light.

Yes, the light!

The word of God is a Lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.

Take the life of JESUS, our saviour as a case study. He came from Nazareth, the worst of all worst then. Even, one of JESUS’ disciples argued if anything ‘Good’ can come out of Nazereth.

Don’t believe the lies flying around that you are a product of your environment. No doubt, you may be influenced by what’s going on there but you will not be changed except you submit.

Thanks to @ralics for making this photo available freely on @unsplash 🎁

Happy May; A word for the Wise

In the beginning…

It is not a new thing that we’ve been through a lot and also, it is not further a new chant that we have always overcome and will still still overcome. That’s to good to be true.

Take it easy. I will begin with this.

You know, it’s not bad to be after your goals, your target for the year and all that. It is not bad. Not at all. I have goals too.


It is bad if you get at it so doggedly that you skip the act of living properly.

Very bad!

Here is the truth

The act of Living properly is having a balance of yourself towards all that you do.

This means that all you do should be moderate.

If you have heard that cliche that too much of everything is bad, then you should not take it for granted. Because it is true.

When you are involved in getting your goals set and all that matters right, don’t be too determined to get it done despite the forseen and unforeseen reasons.

For those who like argument, please read the previous paragraph again. Be conscious of the words I used, please.

Life is in phases. And also, Life is governed by time.

Now, this

The ability to Mastermind your timing and seasons is what will distinguish and keep you at your game.

This is when people actually wonder how come you do all those things and you still keep at it, seemingly perfectly.

This is because you have mastered your time and have understood your seasons. Very important.

Someone can be in his seasons and time of rewards and you thinking that it came by flash of a lightning and will work your ass day and night, no rest, just to achieve what took a process to come by.

Now, this is where I get angry with a lot of people. Those that actually think anything others achieved in years will take just weeks to achieve while on the contrary it doesn’t work like that.

Have you also heard this cliche that those things that was possessed during years of evident hardworking lasts more than those achieved in a twinkling of an eye. (Paraphrased).

There is a system called process and anyone that skips a stage will pay for it dearly.

Therefore, my friend, take it easy but don’t take it too easy. Take it hard but don’t take it harder. There should be a balance. This is what gives you success.

All those people ranting and chanting they got this immediately is a lie. It took them some process.

They too know this but because you are already pressured by their words and would want to do anything to get their result, they will exploit you in the process.

No child was born an adult. It takes a child a lot of process to get to being an adult.

Assume it skips childhood, what do you think?

Once again, Happy New Month!
Cheers to a greater May!

Hope you got value?

P.S: if you did not understand this post, kindly go back and read through. Light will come.